Tournament of Laurels

De Amicitia

We are looking forward to our inaugural event tentatively planned for summer of 2025! Please don’t hesitate to send questions our way!

A national event for classical language students to enjoy five days of competition and merriment celebrating the classical languages of Latin and Greek.

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Participants and Teams


Teachers, Chaperones, and Lodging



Houston Christian University

7502 Fondren Rd., Houston, TX 77074

See Campus Map (PDF) | Lodging Details

$500 per person – Early Bird Rate for First 80 Registrants

$550 per person – Regular Price After First 80 Registrants

$450 per person – Off-campus

This national event invites classical language students to enjoy five days of competition and merriment which celebrate the classical languages of Latin and Greek, along with the widely diverse literature and civilizations they represent. This includes secular, sacred and ecclesiastical writings that extend from the classical period into the late antique and early medieval eras. The quest for the Tournament Cup will require individuals and teams to compete in events based on Latin and Greek including reading, oratory, poetry, the fine arts, olympics, et cetera. In addition, participants will have ample opportunity to join in non-competitive events that foster community.

Who? Students of Latin and Greek in grades 9 – 12
When? Summer 2025
Where? The 2025 tournament will take place at Houston Christian University. Future tournaments may be hosted at other university locations around the USA.


Tentative Daily Schedule (PDF)

Seminar Synopses (PDF)

This schedule is subject to change. Subscribe for updates.

Lingua Latina Activa! (Spoken Latin Day)

Our inaugural day of activities will feature six sessions of active Latin: listening, speaking, reading, discussing, singing, playing, and creating in simple, intelligible Latin. Students will divide themselves into ability groups per table; facilitators will lead activities for the whole room that will also engage students within their groups. Students will enjoy using Latin in a variety of ways in a relaxed and informal setting.

Competitive Events – These events earn points towards the tournament cup. Each team may enter two contestants per level in each competitive event.

Contest Description Details (PDF)

  • Academic Contests (short multiple choice tests)
    • Grammar (Latin or Greek)
    • Etymology (Latin & Greek combined)
    • Quotations & Mottoes (Latin & Greek combined)
    • Literature (Epic Poetry)
    • Ancient History
    • Ancient Geography
    • Reading Comprehension (Latin or Greek)
  • Oral Contests (students memorize and perform original Latin/Greek passages)
    Oral Contest Guidelines (PDF)


    • Orators (prose)
    • Bards (poetry)
  • Fine Arts Contests (inspired by a published Latin or Greek work)
  • Olympika
    • Various track races
    • Field events: shot put/softball throw, discus/frisbee throw, running long jump, etc.

Non-Competitive Social Events – Designed as informal social events, these do not earn points towards the tournament cup.
  • Movie Night Under the Stars – Big screen event on the lawn of Holcombe Mall (see HCU map).
  • Mixed Certamen – Participants are mixed by lot to form teams of 4 for a certamen tournament, similar to the academic quiz bowl. Crazy good fun.
  • Latin Scrabble Tournament – Latin only! Letters are weighted according to word/letter frequency in Latin literature.
  • Recreational Games – Sand Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee
  • Seminars – The faculty of Houston Christian University will offer engaging seminars for students on topics that demonstrate the far reaching relevance of the classical languages. Presenters include: Dr. Louis Markos (Professor of English), Dr. Christopher Hammons (Professor of Government), Dr. David Davis (Associate Professor of History), and Dr. Austin Freeman (PhD in Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity Studies). Seminar Synopses (PDF) (This is subject to change.)
  • Other events are in the works. Stay Tuned!

Participants and Teams

Participants and Teams
Each school or homeschool group will attend the convention as a team. Typically, 5 players are needed to form a single team. Teams can represent a school, a homeschool group, or a group of friends with a designated sponsor (see teachers and chaperones). If you need help finding a team to join, let us know!

Teams will participate within three brackets: minores (beginners), maiores (intermediate), and optimates (advanced). Students will only be scored against competitors within their own bracket. There will, therefore, be three tournament trophies awarded – one for each bracket.


Various events will ask you to compete as individuals or as teams. Team points are awarded for each event (1st place = 3 pts, 2nd place = 2pts., 3rd place = 1 pt.). The total accumulation of points by each team will determine the tournament champions, winners of the tournament cup.
Teams will participate within three brackets: minores (beginners), maiores (intermediate), and optimates (advanced). Students will only be scored against competitors within their own bracket. There will, therefore, be three tournament trophies awarded – one for each bracket.


Teachers, Chaperones, and Lodging

Teachers and Chaperones

Each team must have an official sponsor, preferably the Latin or Greek teacher. In addition, there should be supporting chaperones (in addition to the sponsor) for every 10 students. Thus, a small team of 5 might have a single sponsor. A team of 10 should have a sponsor + 1 chaperone. A team of 20 should have a sponsor + 2 chaperones.

Teachers and chaperones are needed for the running of various contests and events as well as the general oversight of their teams. Thus, at least one classical language teacher (of any level) is requested. Additional chaperones are not required to be teachers, but should be adults who are willing to serve and celebrate with us.

HCU Campus Lodging

  • Participants will enjoy the full Husky student experience as they live on campus during the Tournament week.
  • Participants and chaperones will lodge in the campus dorms provided by Houston Christian University. Separate dorm buildings are designated for males (students and chaperones) and females (students and chaperones).
  • HCU has its own PD, certified/licensed by the state of Texas. Their officers patrol the campus 24/7 and the campus is secured by a gate that closes by 10:30pm each night. We advise that no one walk around alone at night, or leave campus except with an official chaperone driving a vehicle. Learn more about the HCU Police Department.
  • We will eat together each day in the university cafeteria known as the BAUGH. Visit the campus dish to catch a glimpse of standard university fare.
  • Tuesday, June 25, is devoted to tournament check-in, settling into the dorms, and relaxed events such as campus tours, campus museum visits and recreational activities that will help everyone get to know their way around campus for the tournament events. Tuesday evening we will gather at Belin Chapel for the Tournament Welcome that includes Evensong or Vespers (Christian Evening Prayers).
  • A full schedule is coming soon. Subscribe for updates!

Note: For our friends in Houston, we have a special commuter discount should you prefer to lodge at your own homes. The commuter discount of $450 does include three meals each day at the Baugh.

Watch this site or subscribe below for updates as plans develop.