• Build vocabulary through competitive word recognition.
  • Students will improve morphology through recognition of various forms.

Setting Up the Game

  • Components: boggle game with timer, paper, pencils
  • Each player should have a piece of paper and pencil/pen.
  • Place the Boggle Box and timer in the center.

Rules of Play

  • One player shakes the Boggle Box to mix letter dice, then lifts the lid to reveal the scrambled letters.
  • Second player starts the timer (one minute).
  • Players silently right down as many words as they can decipher.
  • Words are created by a straight vertical line, no curves or angles.
  • When the time stops, players count up (check/correct) words.
  • A word may be challenged by another player with a Latin dictionary or grammar book as a resource.

How to Win!

  • The player with the most correct words wins.

Other Word Games

  • Word Wheel, Bananagrams, etc.