These parsing worksheets are a wonderful tool for grammar review that are adaptable to any curriculum or any reading.
Verbs: Teachers should pre-fill the first column with various verbs in a variety of forms. These may come from a chapter vocabulary list or drawn from a reading passage. Students then complete the remaining columns. As a twist, teachers may fill the far right column with the English meaning and ask the students to work backwards. Or, split the difference for half Latin-English and half English-Latin.¬† When it’s time to review, consider using a little active Latin approach.
Nouns: This worksheet works best tied to a reading. Notice the second column provides a space for line number. Direct the students to a specific word used in a specific context. This will require them to discern among the varying options a form like puellae presents.

Noun Parsing WS Latin-2

VerbParsing WS_upper_Latin-2