These worksheets are a great way to drill forms. They work even better when you allow students to vary a little color between the stem and the ending. This becomes a visual teaching tool as students must consider where to stop the stem and reach for a new color for the ending. Plus what student does not LOVE using colored pencils! Even the high school students like the colored mix.
Nouns: Select a series of nouns either from a chapter in your chosen curriculum, or from a reading. Instruct them to decline the noun with attention to case, number, and gender. As students progress, mix up the declensions and genders not only to help them review, but to see similarities between the charts.
Verbs: In addition to reviewing vocabulary, this worksheet is a great tool to review tense, mood, and voice – in all the combinations. Teachers may choose to assign one combo (e.g. present, active, indicative) across all conjugations (including 3rd -io and irregular). As students advance, teachers may mix up the combinations for a single conjugation to review the patterns for that conjugation. Or, go crazy and review multiple forms across many conjugations.

Conjugation W.S. (1)

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