• Master Roman cardinals for 1 – 10 (along with dux, rex, regina).
  • Build confidence in speaking in another English, even with the simplest phrases.

Setting Up the Game

  • Game Components: 1 deck of cards
  • Deal out the entire deck to all players.
  • 2 of Clubs goes first!

Rules of Play

  • In ascending order value and quantity (Duo – Alpha), students discard their cards, declaring number and value. This must be reported in Latin.
  • unus – duo, duo – tres, tres -quattuor, quattuor – quinque, unus – sex, duo – septem, tres-octo, quattuor – novem, unus – decem, duo – duces, tres – reginae, quattuor – reges, unus – alpha, etc.
  • If a player is suspected of a false declaration . . . 
    • Another player (as an accuser) may call out MENDAX!
    • If the declaring player is indeed false, he must take the entire deck of cards in the pot.
    • If the declaring player is truthful, then the accusing player must take the entire deck.
  • Anyone who speaks in English loses his turn.

How to Win!

  • The first player to get rid of all cards should declare: VICTOR SUM! or VICTRIX SUM!

Other Number Games

  • Piscare!  Play “Go Fish” but with Latin phrases.
  • Habesne ___?
  • Ecce!
  • Minime! Piscare!