So you have to teach Latin, but don’t know Latin?

The Institute for Classical Languages is offering an introduction to elementary Latin for teachers over the summer of 2022. This course is perfect for elementary teachers or administrators who are either teaching Latin, going to teach Latin, or simply wish to understand more about Latin and Classical education. Participants will learn the basics through engaging and entertaining material and will read two basic Latin readers by the end of the course. On completion, participants will take the new Universal Latin Exam over the material they have covered and will receive a certificate of completion from the ACCS.

The course will be offered online with weekly live meetings with experienced Latin teachers. Students are only required to attend 8 of 15 possible meetings to accommodate vacations and differing school schedules. Classes will begin in May and end in August, and sessions will be offered at several different times and days of the week. Starting late or ending early due to schedule is permitted. We know that teachers and administrators use summers to recover from the school year or sometimes work an extra job, so the workload is deliberately light enough to accommodate this. The cost is $300 per participant and includes both tuition and all supplies.

Cost: $300

Registration coming soon