BIDVVM: A Latin intensive for teachers

The BIDVVM (Biduum) is a two day immersive language learning event for students of different abilities. It aims to promote appreciation, enjoyment, comprehension, and facility in spoken Latin. Participants converse, read, laugh, and compose in the level of their choice. Professors guide the sessions through various authors, texts, and topics around a given theme.

Join Dr. David Noe, Ms. Susan Rasmussen, Dr. Patrick Owens, Dr. Joseph Tipton, Jillian Noe, and the Covenant Classical School languages department in Ft. Worth, TX on Jan. 28-29, 2022 for Latin discussion in a relaxed setting.

“All participants come away with a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm, along with creative ideas to take home… Perhaps the greatest benefit, however, is in students of classical Christian schools, age 8 to 48, coming together to engage in the language amicitiae, of friendship — truly beautiful in any language.” 

Karen Moore, Classical Difference Magazine